Privacy policy

Privacy policy of site,

1. Overview

Privacy policy defines rules of processing and securing personal data given by Users in connection with using the sale service offered by the Site.

2. The administrator of personal data collected by the Site is............ stationed in.....

KRS... NIP... REGON...

3. To make all the personal data safe we've defined internal procedures and guidelines which are to prevent any leakage of personal data to third parties. We control and make sure that they are in agreement with proper legal acts - Personally Identifiable Information Protection Act, Act on the provision of electronic services and all kinds of regulations and acts of European Union.

4. Personal data are processed according to an agreement accepted by the User and in cases defined by the law and also to compete the deal between parties.

5. The Site is collecting user data in the following ways:

a) via the online form (data entered by the User)

b) via the „cookies” (see „cookies” policy)

6. The Site is collecting data entered voluntary by the User.

7. Data from the forms are processed in a way that is consistent with the form's purpose (for example: to contact User by using their email address).

8. Collected data will never be sold or passed to any third parties in allignment to Personally Identifiable Information Protection Act.

9. Each user can at any time view, modify or stop processing of their own personal data.

10. We reserve a right to modify our privacy policy, which could be necessary because of the progress of e-technology or changes in the legal acts. All changes till be announced in a clear and obvious way.

11. The Site can use hyperlinks to other websites. Such websites work independently of our Site and are not in any way controlled by Such websites can have their own privacy policies or regulations which we encourage to get familiar with.

In case of any doubts regarding our privacy policy we are at your disposal – our contact information can be found in the Contact tab.