Passion comes first

Welcome to the A1 music shop website run by two real passionate people. It is this passion that drives us. It caused the music was always around us. Now we can invite You to our world.

Welcome to our world

Are You collecting vinyls, CD, DVD, tapes, music t-shirts, hardware or memorabilia? If so, You are at the right place. You are about to get familiar with a collection we've been building since the 70's. That's why You can spot here many rare pieces from all over the world, albums that were milestones in music's history. These albums and thousands like it can be now a part of your own collection.

Musical brothers

On the course of our musical life we were traveling all over the world, we were DJs during many unforgettable parties and we also visited hundreds of music shops. We are very pleased to host You now in our e-shop and on our auctions. We are guaranteeing professional and kind service and atmosphere together with a big chunk of music history.